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10. Measuring Mental Wealth


Measuring Mental Wealth transcript

We create a wonderful life through Mental Wealth. Today’s stren, #44, provides a powerful tool to measure your Mental Wealth and know that you are progressing to become a Mental Wealth millionaire.  Mental wealth consists of the wisdoms that elevate the quality of our life experience.  We become mentally wealthy by applying wisdom to knowledge.  A Mental Wealth millionaire is an individual who has acquired a sufficient number of the required strens (wisdom) to consistently create a joyous meaningful life experience.  Mental Wealth millionaires love to share their mental wealth with others for the mutual benefit of the entire community, a process we call “civilization.” 

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11. Transforming Snapshots into a Motion Picture




 Transforming Snapshots into a Motion Picture transcript

Welcome to stren #45, Transforming Snapshots into a Motion Picture.  This critical insight is the process by which you assume personal responsibility for your destiny.  Master this skill and you will make a quantum leap towards creating a joyous, meaningful life experience.  As you attain sufficient physical and mental maturity, you can free your will from the commands of instinct and your nurturers, the process we call becoming our own person or attaining self-mastery.  Mental freedomis not automatic; you must actively secure your independence because dictators resist giving up their power. 

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