The Educational Community

Become your own genie! 

The EC is a privately funded nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation based in East Hartford, CT.  Its educational content is guaranteed forever free to anyone, anywhere, anytime through its web sites,, and additional programs that make life more wonderful.  The EC was founded and is directed by Donald Pet, M.D., a retired Johns Hopkins trained psychiatrist and expert on creating mental wealth millionaires. Mental wealth millionaires make life meaningful even when the world is unfair. “My passion is that my family and humanity enjoy the benefits I have experienced and to give back what I have received.” 

The Educational Community (EC) notes the prediction by experts that a weapon of mass destruction will likely be used before the end of 2013[1].   The EC offers Einstein’s solution to prevent human catastrophe and create sustainable peace.  Fostering a newer way of thinking (anwot) is essential if humankind is to survive the nuclear age and move toward higher levels. The EC mission is the creation of a coordinated grass roots movement that enlists peace advocates and prepares them to popularize our two most important weapons of mass construction – common sense and unconditional love.  These skills create a joyous, purposeful life.    


The EC looks forward to an elevated humankind whose self-taught, proven common sense thinking and living skills will perpetuate love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, mercy, and the additional common sense wisdom that characterize us as humane becomings.  Working together, we will create a world peace movement respectful of our varied cultures and heritages. 

The Program

·         The EC offers video, audio, and script tips on the proven skills (strens) that make common sense common, promotes unconditional love, and creates mental-spiritual wealth millionaires.

·         Become a teacher of happiness, love, and peace through three simple steps:

1.      Acquire the skill of liking yourself in the abundance that overflows to enrich the world.  Unconditional love is liking your self, grown up!   

2.      Pass the self-endorsement skills forward to family and others.

3.      When they call to thank you, ask them to past the skills forward to two or more others.

The domino effect will set common sense and love-creation in motion to circle the world.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. … Margaret Mead

[1] World at Risk, the report to President Obama mandated by the joint U.S. Congress on the prevention of weapons of mass destruction, proliferation, and terrorism, based in interviews with over 250 experts. Bob Graham, Chairman; Jim Talent, Vice-Chairman; December 2008, Vintage books.    

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